Global food demands are continually rising yet agriculture is faced with a range of challenges which are limiting the capacity to fulfil this demand. Included in these limitations are sufficient water and quality, decline in fertility and acidification of soils, resistance of pests and diseases and aging of the average farm population. Evolve is researching ways in which fertilisation and soil conditioning practices can be improved for better crop yields, enhanced ability to withstand diseases and pests, improvement of soil structure and ph. At the same time Evolve is looking to lift plant nutrient status for better animal and human nutrition.

Animal Health and Nutrition

There is a considerable need to improve efficiency of animal production to meet the needs of future generations and affordability. Global demand is requiring this in a more sustainable and safe manner. Evolve looks to improve forage production tailoring the end product analysis towards better animal utilisation and performance. Evolve also recognises the increased disease pressures limiting animal production and looks to develop better antimicrobial solutions.

Energy Saving

Better sustainability and economy requires enhanced utilisation of our limited resources, especially energy. Evolve is evaluating devices which have been designed to reduce power usage and costs.